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What happens when two equal opposing forces push against one another for 2+ years?  Your answer might have something to do with Isaac Newton.  You’re overthinking it!  The correct answer is – The two forces start a company!

Happen Technologies is the result of two completely separate dreams, opposing in nature, being cultivated overtime to form what we believe is the perfect “have your cake and eat it too” scenario.

When the co-founders met, Mykola had a dream predating his college years of outsourcing to what he knew to be a mecca of technical prowess, his home city of Lviv, Ukraine.  By this time he had already built an extensive network and the beginning frameworks of a successful outsourcing firm.  When he shared this vision with Adam, he was faced with Adam’s criticism of outsourcing, stemming from his passion for people and desire to guarantee quality end products to users.  Adam also had goals of channeling this passion into a future company which would remove the bureaucracy of excessive middle management that hindered the ability to innovate and truly meet customers’ needs.

In the next 2-3 years, the two spent hours discussing future plans and poking holes in each other’s visions.  What started out as two completely separate, opposing business models, began to converge into one.  This business model is what we now refer to as Happen Technologies’ Hybrid Approach.  We believe you will find that it provides the perfect blend of superior quality and cost efficiency in your software solutions.

That’s enough of our story, for now.  Let us help tell yours!


Adam Lehde

Business Development, CEO

  • I don’t like writing paragraphs
  • I like lists
  • I love people
  • I like solving problems
  • I hate that most trail mix has raisins in it
  • I love being outdoors – Fishing, hunting and romping through the woods with my two little ones.
  • I play music – Bass Guitar and Drums. I used to play in a couple groups, but now mostly play in my church’s worship band.

Fun Fact: I learned to speak relatively fluent Spanish by frequenting a Mexican restaurant for a few years.  (Picked up a new language, and it only cost me 25 lbs)

Industry Achievements

  • 11 years developing iOS and Android applications
  • 6 years managing Agile Software Projects
  • Software Engineer then Project Manager for an app voted #1 in its category by JD Power
  • Software Engineer on 3 apps for Fortune/Global Fortune 500 Companies

Mykola Tarchanyn

Development Operations

Well, first of all, I think paragraphs are fine. I love solving problems using technology. I have a goal to visit all 7 continents. I have only made it to two, so I need to get going!

I love fast cars, and can easily spend hours talking about them. Although I do not have as much time as I used to, I enjoy playing classical music on my flute I also dabble in a little bit of guitar.

Fun Fact: Everything in the US is SPICY! I’ve lived here for years, and I still can’t adjust. Adam’s two-year-old son can eat foods that I can’t. Adam reminds me of this regularly. *This is not a fun fact, for me.*

Industry Achievements

  • 8 years developing Android and iOS applications
  • 5 years in Mobile Solution Consulting
  • Engineer/Project Lead on 10+ apps

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