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Why us
When you build projects with Happen, you get:

Quality-centric solutions

Our passion for customer and user experience drives our extreme focus on building technically excellent, user-friendly solutions.

Speed to scale

We have active teams and hot talent pipelines spanning multiple countries in Europe and South America. This network allows us to build highly effective teams in a variety of technology stacks extremely quickly.

No ulterior motives

Bench? What bench? We don’t carry one, so you never have to worry if we’re trying to sell you talent that’s not a right fit. But don’t worry. This “lack” of a bench doesn’t slow us down…

Optimal service delivery

Our aim isn’t to take orders and deliver code. It’s to partner with you, understand your goals and improve the lives of your users or customers. We achieve this with streamlined communication across a co-located team that is collectively focused on your goals. Note: If this process isn’t fun for all of us, we’re doing it wrong.

Our teams take responsibility

Their project management is above and beyond their competitors; they have good communication and handling of the process.

Quotes — Tim Hebel, owner of a digital marketing agency that specializes in web design and web application development
Play to win
Who wins with Happen

Software Development companies

We partner extremely closely with technology companies to broaden their development capabilities. This allows them to sell larger, more holistic solutions without being bound to their standard everyday tech-stack.

Digital Marketing agencies

We form strategic partnerships with marketing agencies to help them sell and deliver technology solutions that far exceed their in-house development capabilities.

Our teams collaborate

They’ve got a strong local presence and excellent offshore coordination.

Quotes — Mark Peterman, CEO of csg, a technology consulting firm
The right players
Meet your team

Our delivery teams are typically a combination of the following roles:

Solution Owner (SO)

Your main point of contact. The SO is responsible for the overall process and the outcomes. Put their number on speed dial. They'll have yours.

Project Manager (PM)

The organized one who keeps us on track. If there is a goal or milestone, your PM is all over it.

Business Analyst (BA)

Chief Question Asker. The BA is in charge of poking holes in every idea in hopes that we build a solution without holes. They'll also make sure to document the decisions the team makes.

UX designer

Sure, they ve got a reputation for making things easy on the eyes, which is a high priority sometimes. But, it is ALWAYS their job to make sure your solution is easy to use.

Software Engineers (SE)

Code connoisseurs. Webifying wizards. Cloud conquistadors. Whatever you want to call them, without them  we don't have jobs and you don't have software.

Quality Assurance Engineer (QA)

There's a common joke: "Users are the best testers." True, no one finds a bug faster than a user. We prefer to beat them to the punch. Our QA Engineers are on the team to do just this.


The Big Picture Person. The Architect ensures the solution is designed to scale in accordance with the dream we re building towards. They balance this technical excellence, keeping the solution simple and within budget.


Our CTO jumps in on many of our projects. But no worries, as this is free to you. He s not as important as he thinks he is. ;)


You and your stakeholders are absolutely part of our team. We do not build this FOR you. We build it WITH you. Your consistent feedback and industry expertise play a crucial role in our success.

Our teams deliver value

Their great QA team has helped our organization in the coding work that we’ve been doing. Overall, they’re doing an excellent job running an agile sprint mode to deliver.

Quotes — Mark Peterman, CEO of csg, a technology consulting firm
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