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We’re not “cheap outsourcing,” we promise.

Are your key leaders spending countless hours reviewing resumes and holding interviews?


Let them focus on their real jobs – and let us focus on ours.

Why us
When you choose Happen for strategic staffing, you get:

Effective candidate vetting

When you meet one of our candidates, you might think of them as a standard applicant, but we already know they are very likely (statistically speaking) a great fit for your team. Our client-acceptance rate for vetted candidates is well over 50%. How? We put all candidates through a rigorous 3-step interview process before you even see their resume.

Speed to scale

We have very active talent pipelines open across multiple countries. Due to the variety of needs we meet for our clients, and our global talent pipeline, our candidate expertise spans most technologies found in today’s IT sphere. This allows us to place very good people in very specific roles – fast.

No pressure-selling

Our approach to strategic staffing is quite different than most. We do not have a bench – like, none. For this reason, you will NEVER feel that we are pressuring you to staff a specific role or keep an individual that you do not need.

Cost-conscious pricing

As we’ve mentioned, we are not “cheap.” Can we find cheaper resources? Absolutely. So can you. However, we are highly committed to our quality and cultural fit and therefore spend considerably more time and money vetting (and later – supporting) our team members. We want to be certain that when we tell you “yes,” we mean it – every single time.

Our staffing is efficient

Other providers submit 20 candidates that no one will ever hire, but Happen Technologies focuses on bringing the right persons on board.

Quotes — Jeremy Schmidt, senior director of global talent acquisition at Codility, a B2B software platform
Play to win
Who wins with Happen

Software development companies

We collaborate with technology companies to scale their development teams quickly and to allow them to sell & deliver software solutions that require competencies extending beyond their capabilities.

Digital marketing agencies

Our strategic staffing is vital to agencies that are constantly pushing the boundaries on what is possible in the digital industry. We support their ever-growing development and design efforts by consistently adding quick and dependable talent. This cooperation ranges from adding a couple of WordPress developers to speed up a single project delivery to providing an agency with fully autonomous project delivery teams – complete with dedicated project managers and business analysts.

Our staffing is effective

They’ve delivered quality work within our different expectations, and our team is pleased with our collaboration with Happen Technologies.

Quotes — Mark Peterman, CEO of Cornerstone Solutions Group, a technology consulting firm
The building blocks
Commonly staffed roles

We support you with the talent needed to build your ideal team.

* All roles are available in seniority levels ranging from middle to lead.
* All roles are available in seniority levels ranging from middle to lead.
Our staffing is no-nonsense

Their team always lets us know if they have candidates that can add value to our tasks, and if they don’t, they don’t lie and give us nonsense.

Quotes — Jeremy Schmidt, senior director of global talent acquisition at Codility, a B2B software platform
Ready to make it happen?

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