WHO do we serve

WHO do we serve?

Software Development Firms and Digital Marketing Agencies partner with Happen Technologies to fulfill their development needs. Many of these organizations struggle with quick dependable scaling. This is especially difficult when tapping more rapidly shifting markets, such as Mobile Applications or the latest reactive web/app Javascript libraries.

HOW are we different?

With the great difficulty businesses have around scaling, our ability to guarantee quality development teams, organize quickly, and remove the need to pay a bench full of expensive employees, makes Happen a very unique partner. Through our various Engagement Models, whether a company just needs to temporarily bolster capabilities with a couple contract devs for a few months, or they desire a fully managed, whitelabeled, full stack development team for the foreseeable future, we provide the perfect partnership. In the world of technology, speed is just as important as quality, so we pride ourselves in being organized and ready for your next project, no matter the scope or technology (within reason… our lineup of punch card programmers is a little thin right now).

WHAT is our purpose
HOW are we different

WHAT is our process?

We have created what we call a Hybrid Approach of in-house business professionals and outsourced development teams, allowing us to circumvent both the void of communication and lack of client involvement from direct outsourcing firms. We provide this enhanced customer experience while maintaining very competitive rates compared to our close-to-client competitors.

WHEN can we start?

Right away. With our large reputable development partnerships in Ukraine, we are able to assemble qualified development teams in as little as three weeks. If you have an upcoming project, or maybe just a few questions you’d like answered, let’s set up a 15-20 minute phone call. A quick chat  will give us a great feel for whether or not Happen Technologies could be a good fit for partnering with you in your future software endeavors. Please reach out!

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WHEN can we start

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